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Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl betting guide. Learn how to bet on the Super Bowl. After weeks of grueling competition, divisional and conference playoffs, two teams meet to determine which is the best in the world. The sheer excitement and party atmosphere that surrounds the Super Bowl is exhilarating. Learn these easy betting strategies. Make money on Super Bowl Sunday!

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Current NFL Matchups

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Super Bowl Futures

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Super Bowl Bets

The following are popular Super Bowl Betting options. I’ll discuss spread, total and moneyline bets. Also, how to fade the public when the Super Bowl has a heavy favorite. Check out our NFL betting tutorial for more information. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all Super Bowl bets. They are merely the most common among recreational bettors.

1. Super Bowl Spread Betting

Bet is made on the expected Super Bowl score difference.

Betting the Favorite
Subtract the spread from the favorite’s score. The favorite wins if the difference is greater than the underdog’s final score.

Betting the Underdog
Add the spread to the underdog’s final score. The underdog wins if the sum is greater than the favorite’s final score.

Identifying the Spread
The spread is the smaller of two numbers next to each team. The larger number is the total. Super Bowl teams are usually evenly matched. Expect the spread to be 6.5 or less. Know how key numbers affect the Super Bowl spread. Review the most common NFL key numbers here.

Sportsbook odds specify the juice to the right of the spread. This is the amount of money you bet to win $100. Assume -110 when no number is given. -110 is standard odds or full juice.

Super Bowl Spread Example

Philadelphia Eagles 43½ u-115
New England Patriots 6½

  1. Bettor chooses favorite New England Patriots. They must win by 6.5 points.
  2. The favorite’s juice is -110. Lay $110 to win $100.
  3. Eagles win the game 41-33.
  4. Bet wins if favorite’s score minus spread is greater than underdog’s score.

Result: Patriots 33 – 6.5 = 26.5. 26.5 is less than Eagles’ 41. Philadelphia wins outright and covers the spread. Favorite bettors lose. Underdog bettors win.

Note: Tie bets are possible when the spread is a whole number, for example 3, 6, or 7. Your bet will be returned if the final result ties the spread.

Consider the example above with New England as the 7 point favorite. Suppose New England wins 28-21. The final 7 point difference (28-21) equaled the 7 point line. Bets for the both the Patriots and Eagles would be returned.

Sportsbooks usually offer ½ point Super Bowl spreads because it is the last game of the season. Also, refunding thousands of bets wouldn’t be profitable!

See more Super Bowl betting predictions here.

2. Super Bowl Total Betting

Sportsbook estimates a combined Super Bowl point total. Bettors decide whether final result will be over or under this number. Final point total includes overtime result.

Identifying the Total
The total is the larger of two numbers next to each team. The smaller number is the spread. Sportsbooks specify the total’s juice to the right of the line.

Choosing a Side
Sportsbooks will abbreviate over as “o” and under as “u”. One side of the bet may have different juice than the other. The more expensive side will be provided. For example, 41 o-117 means anyone betting over 41 will lay $117 to win $100.

Assume -110 when no number is given. That means the juice for both the over and under is -110. Bettors taking either side will lay $110 to win $100.

Super Bowl Total Example

Philadelphia Eagles 43½ u-115
New England Patriots 6½

  1. The total line is 43.5. The under has -115 juice. -105 is the corresponding over value.
  2. Over bettors believe the final total will be greater than 43.5. They lay $105 to win $100.
  3. Under bettors believe the final total will be less than 43.5. They lay $115 to win $100.

Result: Final total is 74. This number is greater than 43½. That means all over bettors win.

Note: Tie bets are possible when the total is a whole number, for example 37, 41, or 44. Your bet will be returned if the final result ties the spread.

3. Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

Bet is made on the outright winner. A positive number denotes the underdog. A negative number denotes the favorite. Two -110 numbers mean the matchup has no specific favorite.

Negative numbers denote how much you risk to win $100.
Positive numbers denote how much you win for risking $100.

The juice is included in each moneyline. Sportsbooks usually add 10 cents commission to each side. A -210 true odds favorite would get a -220 line. A +190 true odds underdog would get a +180 line.

Sportsbooks don’t display moneyline odds with spreads and totals. Moneylines will be provided in a different column or table. Look for “ML” or “Moneylines” on your sportsbook’s odds page.

Super Bowl Moneyline Example

Philadelphia Eagles +220
New England Patriots -260

  1. The New England Patriots are the favorite. The Philadelphia Eagles are the underdog.
  2. New England bettors lay $260 to win $100. Philadelphia bettors win $220 for risking $100.

Result: Eagles win 41-33. All underdog bettors win.

Super Bowl Moneyline Tip

Consider betting the moneyline underdog when you’re confident they can win. Moneyline dogs offer higher +EV (positive expected value) than the point spread.

Taking the Eagles +6.5 against the spread means you risk $110 to win $100. This bet is less profitable if you think the Eagles can win outright.

Betting the Eagles +220 moneyline means you risk $100 to win $220. That’s a much bigger win for Eagles fans!

4. How to Fade the Public

Consider fading the public when the Super Bowl has a heavy favorite. This strategy is also used for other popular championship events like the Final Four and College Football Playoffs.

Recreational bettors frequently bet the most popular team on Super Bowl Sunday. Point Spreads are all but ignored. They believe big names like the Patriots, Steelers or Packers will have blowout wins. Money flows in for these crowd favorites.

Suppose New England vs. Philadelphia opens New England -2.5. New England must win by 3 or more points.

1. Research Philadelphia’s record against the spread. Check how often they’ve covered as underdogs.

2. Monitor the line. Suppose it’s just moved to New England -3.5. This indicates the public likes the Patriots. No surprise.

Remember, the sportsbook wants to balance its action. Making it harder for New England to cover encourages action on Philadelphia. Should you still follow the crowd? No!

Take Philadelphia if they’ve consistently won against the spread. Bet against the public when line moves present an opportunity!

Super Bowl 52 Case Study, February 4th, 2018

The 2017-18 Patriots winded up being -4.5 point Super Bowl favorites after the spread bounced between -4 to -5.

The Patriots were clearly the heavy favorites. Smart money capitalized on this bias. Underdog bettors were handsomely rewarded when the Eagles were crowned Super Bowl 52 champions, defeating the Patriots 41-33.
Super Bowl Betting - Betting Sites and Strategies

Exotic Super Bowl Bets

Here are some fun Super Bowl exotic bets. Props, parlays and teasers can make your Super Bowl Sunday very interesting. We recommend making small prop bets unless you’re confident about the outcome. Review our NFL betting tutorial for more betting ideas.

1. Super Bowl Prop Betting

Sportsbook offers odds on events related to the Super Bowl. Decide whether an event will occur, in what quantity or both. Prop bets are considered side bets. They are not dependent on the Super Bowl’s final result.

Read more about prop betting here.

Review our Super Bowl National Anthem trends before placing your National Anthem prop bet. We analyzed all performances from 2006-present.

Super Bowl Prop Betting Directions

  1. Visit sportsbook’s NFL odds page. Select “Props” or “Specials”.
  2. Super Bowl Props will be published up to 10 days before the game.
  3. Each prop has moneyline odds.
  4. Make selection and bet desired amount.
  5. Super Bowl props win or lose after a related event or the game itself has concluded.

Note: Some props cannot be added to parlays.

Example Super Bowl Props

1. Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

2. Time to sing Super Bowl national anthem?

  • Over two minutes +150
  • Under two minutes -200

3. Will any QB throw for 400 or more yards in the game?

4. Color of halftime performer’s pants?

  • Black +150
  • Gray +250
  • White +400
  • Tan/Beige +750

5. Will there be a safety?

2. Super Bowl Teaser Betting

Combine Super Bowl spread and total bets into a modified parlay. Buy points to shift lines in your favor. Winning teaser bets receive a lower payout than the same straight bets with unmodified lines.

Read more about teaser betting here. Our article also includes a useful Teaser Betting infographic. Pay close attention to your sportsbook’s teaser tie rules!

Teaser Bet Exclusions:
Moneylines, Props and Futures cannot be added to a teaser bet.

Super Bowl Teaser Directions

  1. Select 2 or more spreads, totals or combinations of both.
  2. Buy points to shift lines in your favor. The more points you purchase, the lower your potential payout.
  3. Favorites can now win by fewer points. Underdogs can now lose by more points.
  4. The Under is now more likely with higher total. The Over is now more likely with lower total.
  5. All selections must be correct to win.

Teasers are usually bet on multiple games. Super Bowl teasers restrict bettors to one game only.

Common Super Bowl Teasers
(ATS = Against the Spread)

  • Underdog or Favorite ATS + Under Total
  • Underdog or Favorite ATS + Over Total
  • 1st half Underdog or Favorite + Under or Over 1st half total

Example Super Bowl Teaser

1. Favorite Patriots -6½
2. Over 43½ -105

Example NFL Odds
Selections 6 6.5 7
2 -120 -130 -140
  1. Bettor make 2 selections: Patriots -6 ½, over 43.5 -105.
  2. Bettor selects 6.5 point teaser. Each line shifts 6.5 points in bettor’s favor.
  3. Lines are now Patriots 0 pk, Over 37.
  4. Risk $130 to win $100.

3. Super Bowl Parlay Betting

Combine 2 or more spread, moneyline, total or some prop selections. Parlay wins if all selections win. Parlay loses if any selection loses.

Super Bowl Parlay Directions

  1. Select 2-15 spreads, moneylines, totals, props or combinations of all four.
  2. Matchups from other sports like basketball or hockey can be included.
  3. All selections must be correct to win.
  4. Each tie reduces parlay size by 1 selection. Review your sportsbook’s parlay rules carefully.

Like teasers, parlays are usually bet on multiple games. Super Bowl parlays restrict bettors to one game only.

Common Super Bowl Parlays
(ATS = Against the Spread)

  • Underdog or Favorite ATS + Under or Over total
  • Underdog or Favorite Moneyline + Under or Over total
  • Any allowed props + Underdog or Favorite ATS + Over or Under Total
  • Any of the above as 1st half spreads or totals

Our complete parlay article has examples and suggested betting options. It includes a thorough discussion about what happens when one or more parlay selections tie.

Winning Super Bowl parlays can be quite profitable. A $15 9 leg parlay cashed for $6,000. The parlay included spread, total and various permitted prop bets.

Sportsbooks will indicate which Super Bowl props can be added to a parlay. Some props are prohibited.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl Specials

Super Bowl Betting Required Reading

Super Bowl Betting Tables and Reference

NFL Super Bowl Results 1966 Season-Present

NFL Super Bowl Results 1967-Present
Season Game &
Winner Score Loser Site
2020 LV
February 7, 2021
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay
2019 LIV
February 2, 2020
Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 San Francisco 49ers Hard Rock Stadium
2018 LIII
February 3, 2019
New England Patriots 13-3 Los Angeles Rams Mercedes-Benz Stadium
2017 LII
February 4, 2018
Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 New England Patriots U.S. Bank Stadium
2016 LI
February 5, 2017
New England Patriots 34-28 OT Atlanta Falcons NRG Stadium
2015 50
February 7, 2016
Denver Broncos 24-10 Carolina Panthers Levi’s Stadium
2014 XLIX
February 1, 2015
New England Patriots 28-24 Seattle Seahawks University of Phoenix Stadium
February 2, 2014
Seattle Seahawks 43-8 Denver Broncos MetLife Stadium
2012 XLVII
February 3, 2013
Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers Mercedes-Benz Superdome
2011 XLVI
February 5, 2012
New York Giants 21-17 New England Patriots Lucas Oil Stadium
2010 XLV
February 6, 2011
Green Bay Packers 31-25 Pittsburgh Steelers Cowboys Stadium
2009 XLIV
February 7, 2010
New Orleans Saints 31-17 Indianapolis Colts Sun Life Stadium
2008 XLIII
February 1, 2009
Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 Arizona Cardinals Raymond James Stadium
2007 XLII
February 3, 2008
New York Giants 17-14 New England Patriots University of Phoenix Stadium
2006 XLI
February 4, 2007
Indianapolis Colts 29-17 Chicago Bears Dolphin Stadium
2005 XL
February 5, 2006
Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 Seattle Seahawks Ford Field
2004 XXXIX
February 6, 2005
New England Patriots 24-21 Philadelphia Eagles Alltel Stadium
February 1, 2004
New England Patriots 32-29 Carolina Panthers Reliant Stadium
January 26, 2003
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21 Oakland Raiders Qualcomm Stadium
2001 XXXVI
February 3, 2002
New England Patriots 20-17 Los Angeles Rams Louisiana Superdome
2000 XXXV
January 28, 2001
Baltimore Ravens 34-7 New York Giants Raymond James Stadium
1999 XXXIV
January 30, 2000
Los Angeles Rams 23-16 Tennessee Titans Georgia Dome
January 31, 1999
Denver Broncos 34-19 Atlanta Falcons Pro Player Stadium
1997 XXXII
January 25, 1998
Denver Broncos 31-24 Green Bay Packers Qualcomm Stadium
1996 XXXI
January 26, 1997
Green Bay Packers 35-21 New England Patriots Louisiana Superdome
1995 XXX
January 28, 1996
Dallas Cowboys 27-17 Pittsburgh Steelers Sun Devil Stadium
1994 XXIX
January 29, 1995
San Francisco 49ers 49-26 Los Angeles Chargers Joe Robbie Stadium
January 30, 1994
Dallas Cowboys 30-13 Buffalo Bills Georgia Dome
1992 XXVII
January 31, 1993
Dallas Cowboys 52-17 Buffalo Bills Rose Bowl
1991 XXVI
January 26, 1992
Washington Redskins 37-24 Buffalo Bills Metrodome
1990 XXV
January 27, 1991
New York Giants 20-19 Buffalo Bills Tampa Stadium
1989 XXIV
January 28, 1990
San Francisco 49ers 55-10 Denver Broncos Louisiana Superdome
1988 XXIII
January 22, 1989
San Francisco 49ers 20-16 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Robbie Stadium
1987 XXII
January 31, 1988
Washington Redskins 42-10 Denver Broncos San Diego-Jack Murphy Stadium
1986 XXI
January 25, 1987
New York Giants 39-20 Denver Broncos Rose Bowl
1985 XX
January 26, 1986
Chicago Bears 46-10 New England Patriots Louisiana Superdome
1984 XIX
January 20, 1985
San Francisco 49ers 38-16 Miami Dolphins Stanford Stadium
1983 XVIII
January 22, 1984
Oakland Raiders 38-9 Washington Redskins Tampa Stadium
1982 XVII
January 30, 1983
Washington Redskins 27-17 Miami Dolphins Rose Bowl
1981 XVI
January 24, 1982
San Francisco 49ers 26-21 Cincinnati Bengals Pontiac Silverdome
1980 XV
January 25, 1981
Oakland Raiders 27-10 Philadelphia Eagles Louisiana Superdome
1979 XIV
January 20, 1980
Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19 Los Angeles Rams Rose Bowl
1978 XIII
January 21, 1979
Pittsburgh Steelers 35-31 Dallas Cowboys Miami Orange Bowl
1977 XII
January 15, 1978
Dallas Cowboys 27-10 Denver Broncos Louisiana Superdome
1976 XI
January 9, 1977
Oakland Raiders 32-14 Minnesota Vikings Rose Bowl
1975 X
January 18, 1976
Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17 Dallas Cowboys Miami Orange Bowl
1974 IX
January 12, 1975
Pittsburgh Steelers 16-6 Minnesota Vikings Tulane Stadium
1973 VIII
January 13, 1974
Miami Dolphins 24-7 Minnesota Vikings Rice Stadium
1972 VII
January 14, 1973
Miami Dolphins 14-7 Washington Redskins Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
1971 VI
January 16, 1972
Dallas Cowboys 24-3 Miami Dolphins Tulane Stadium
1970 V
January 17, 1971
Indianapolis Colts 16-13 Dallas Cowboys Miami Orange Bowl
1969 IV
January 11, 1970
Kansas City Chiefs 23-7 Minnesota Vikings Tulane Stadium
1968 III
January 12, 1969
New York Jets 16-7 Indianapolis Colts Miami Orange Bowl
1967 II
January 14, 1968
Green Bay Packers 33-14 Oakland Raiders Miami Orange Bowl
1966 I
January 15, 1967
Green Bay Packers 35-10 Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

NFL Super Bowl Appearances by Team 1966 Season-Present

Super Bowl Appearances by Team
Team Games Record
New England Patriots 11 6-5
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 6-2
Dallas Cowboys 8 5-3
Denver Broncos 8 3-5
San Francisco 49ers 7 5-2
Green Bay Packers 5 4-1
New York Giants 5 4-1
Oakland Raiders 5 3-2
Washington Redskins 5 3-2
Miami Dolphins 5 2-3
Indianapolis Colts 4 2-2
Kansas City Chiefs 4 2-2
Los Angeles Rams 4 1-3
Buffalo Bills 4 0-4
Minnesota Vikings 4 0-4
Philadelphia Eagles 3 1-2
Seattle Seahawks 3 1-2
Baltimore Ravens 2 2-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 2-0
Chicago Bears 2 1-1
Atlanta Falcons 2 0-2
Carolina Panthers 2 0-2
Cincinnati Bengals 2 0-2
New Orleans Saints 1 1-0
New York Jets 1 1-0
Arizona Cardinals 1 0-1
Los Angeles Chargers 1 0-1
Tennessee Titans 1 0-1

Super Bowl Coin Toss Stats

Super Bowl Coin Toss Stats
Tosses Heads Tails
16 8

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results 2006-Present

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results
Year Result Team
2021 Heads Kansas City
2020 Tails San Francisco
2019 Tails L.A. Rams
2018 Heads New England
2017 Tails Atlanta
2016 Tails Carolina
2015 Tails Seattle
2014 Tails Seattle
2013 Heads Baltimore
2012 Heads New England
2011 Heads Green Bay
2010 Heads New Orleans
2009 Heads Arizona
2008 Tails N.Y. Giants
2007 Heads Chicago
2006 Tails Seattle


Author: Richard Lucas